Wildflower seeds for bees

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Save the bees, spread some colour and promote biodiversity in your surroundings.

A rich mixture of annual and perennial clovers, herbs and legumes chosen to create a perfect nectar paradise for bees. The flowers will bloom in the first year and the plants can be left over winter as a refuge for insects. They will self-sow if not cut back which should result in a beautiful display of flowers again the following Summer.

Sow between April and mid-May in a sunny, warm location. Find a warm, sunny spot that could use a splash of colour and if possible loosen the soil and spread the seeds. Press well lightly into the soil. The seeds are light germinators so don‘t need to be pressed to deeply. Keep moist until sprouted.

Suggested range max: 3 m²
Store in a cool, dry and dark place

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